What is The Body Loft?

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Soul Camp For The Warrior Goddess Within

Are you ever afraid of living your entire life without really having felt complete and utter joy? If you are ready to reconnect with you inner voice, love yourself and love your life again, let go of the pain of your past and move forward in authentic bliss, you need this weekend!

Soul Camp for the Warrior Goddess Within is an opportunity for women to dig deep into their souls and find the strength, faith, desire and drive to build a new life out of the dreams they hold close to their heart. We will move them from the shelf to the workshop and create a plan to move forward in making them a reality.

Join our amazing tribe of empowered and loving women and elevate your life!

Message from Marlo

If you are struggling with your health and fitness goals or simply challenged with the commitment of a long term exercise program, personal training is definitely the way to achieve amazing results. Our 8 week body transformations are a huge success.

Ready to get started on your goals?